Fixing Up Your At Home Escape

Water features add an element of peace the moment you step outside your door! Unless of course you walk outside and see a pond that needs a little bit of tender love and care. That’s where we come in! Clean Earth Waterscapes loves helping homeowners rebuild existing ponds and return them back to the peaceful water feature they were designed to be!

When a pond has started to have some issues over the years, issues that you’re not able to resolve on your own, we can help! Aaron will come out and take a look at your pond, assess the issue, and get it all fixed up. 

Utilizing Existing Materials

Often, the homeowner is happy with the overall look of the pond. They like the existing stones and feel the current plumbing is working well. In this case, we will work within the homeowner’s budget to sort it all out and get the pond working well again!

We start by pulling off all the excess material to assess the pond. We’ll do a complete drain and flush and then begin restacking the stones around the perimeter. Along the way, we’ll check for leaks and do what we can to make repairs within your budget. Depending upon where the leak is located, we can sometimes readjust the liner and shrink the diameter of the pond to get things flowing smoothly once again. 

Then we’ll get to work rebuilding the waterfall, using the rocks that are already on hand. We’ll work to make the waterfall look nice and ensure that there are no leaks. We don’t want any water going behind that liner near the waterfall as it will contribute to water loss. We’ll finish up by redressing all the edges to make it look like a picture-perfect, natural looking country pond. 

We invite you to relax and enjoy your life at home with a little help from Clean Earth Waterscapes. Water features add a peaceful place to relax for many homeowners when they are working properly! If you have an existing pond at your home that is showing signs of age — maybe it has a small leak or a pump that isn’t giving you the water flow you desire — we can help!