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A stone patio with a pond in a yard


Spending a few moments near a body of water has the power to refresh your mind and spirit. That’s probably why you’re so drawn to lakes and beaches each time you’re planning a vacation or a weekend getaway.

But what if you could benefit from water’s healing powers without leaving your home? You can build a pond and turn it into a spectacular focal point in your backyard. Then make the best of it and use it as your personal retreat each time you need a moment to improve your well-being.

Enhance your quality of life and relax in a peaceful atmosphere anytime you step outside. With a new pond, you’ll be taking a first great step towards bringing harmony and balance to your life.

an Inviting Spot For all Your Loved Ones

You love nature and you also like spending time with your favorite people at the end of the week. So a flourishing backyard can make the perfect space for inviting friends and family over for a barbecue or a casual dinner.

You deserve an oasis of relaxation where you can take a moment, tune yourself to nature’s sounds, and connect with others.

Enhance your outdoors with a koi pond or a water feature and turn every gathering you’re planning for into a memorable event. Create a place where you and your loved ones can escape the rowdy atmosphere of the city and enjoy making beautiful memories together.

A small waterfall with lights in a yard
Trees, plants, and a big pond with koi fish

A spot for wildlife to thrive

Building a water feature is a great way to bring wildlife right to your doorstep. Instead of a barren-looking piece of land, your backyard can become a haven for nature’s wonders.

Give life to your outdoor space with a pond filled with colorful Koi fish and eye-catching water plants. Take some time daily and spend it gazing in wonder at the scene before you while listening to birds chirping and butterflies flying around.

Enjoy your very own corner of nature just a few steps away from your home.

Our Services

Whether you already have a pond or you want to enhance your garden with a water feature, we’re here to help.

A big red brick house with a koi fish pond

Pond Construction

A pond will undeniably make your home landscape one-of-a-kind. Having one in your backyard is a great stepping stone for you to get out of the house more often. No more sitting inside staring into your computer screen. Building a pond will also bring the whole area to life and create a focal point for your outdoor space that everyone will enjoy.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones and marvel at everything nature has to offer. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Pondless Waterfalls Construction

Make your home truly unique with a pondless waterfall. This is a great choice for both small and large outdoor spaces because it requires less maintenance than a pond.

Also, it can be the perfect option for a household with children and pets, as they’ll definitely love playing outside in a beautiful and safe paradise.

From babbling brooks to the sound of birds singing, life abounds right outside your door. Stop and contemplate the beauty of nature every day, next to your water feature.

A backyard sitting area with a waterfall feature
Three black fountain jars with plants and stones

Fountain Construction

If you feel like your outdoor space is lacking a cohesive look, installing a decorative fountain is a great way to achieve that. Also, fountains make the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a custom touch to your garden.

Since they come in a wide variety of options, so you can definitely find one that suits your individual style and compliments your landscape. Whether you choose the elegance of an urn or the rustic look of a rock fountain, your new fountain will become the centerpiece of your garden in no time.

Water Feature Maintenance And Repair

Do you have a water feature that needs some sprucing up? Whether we’re talking about a pond, a pondless waterfall, or a fountain, keeping it in top shape is not an easy job. Not to mention it can require a lot of time. However, pressure washing, debris removal, and overgrown plant maintenance are essential operations for keeping your water feature clean and healthy.

Regardless of your project’s complexity, we’re here to help you restore the charm of your outdoor space in no time. Give your water feature a well-deserved makeover so that you and your family can enjoy the beauty of nature at home at all times.

Water feature maintenance equipment on a grassy backyard

How It Works

Helping you create a perfect outdoor living space is our main goal. Our process is easy, hassle-free, and client-oriented. As we work on your water feature, you can relax knowing that your project is in best hands possible.

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Get In Touch

Fill out our form and share with us what you have in mind for your new water feature.

We'll get back to you to talk about your budget, timetable, and schedule an on-site consultation.

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We Work Our Magic

We’ll come to your place and discuss the details of your project in more depth.

Once we agree on your new water feature design, we’ll start working on bringing it to life.

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Enjoy The Result

Once your project is complete, we'll do a post-job walkthrough to make sure everything is the way you imagined it.

Get ready to enjoy your water feature and your new personal oasis.

Meet Owner Aaron Reynolds

Hi, I’m Aaron! I love nature, so I created Clean Earth Waterscapes in May 2020 to help people enhance their outdoor spaces and spend more time outside.

It all started with the water feature I built for my own backyard. My friends and family loved it and it added a magical touch to our weekend gatherings ever since. That’s when I understood that this is what I’m supposed to do for other people as well.

At Clean Earth Waterscapes we aim at helping homeowners like you turn their backyards into welcoming retreats. So, when you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team that listens to your wishes and works tirelessly on building you the water feature you deserve. All you have to do is plan for and enjoy memorable time outdoors, reconnecting with nature and your loved ones.

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We Are...

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Aquascape Certified Contractors

We’re trained and certified professionals, always on top of the latest developments in the water feature industry. We know our way around creating a perfect focal point for your outdoor environment.

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Nature Conservancy Donors

We value nature so we donate part of our profits in order to take part in protecting and preserving wildlife worldwide.

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Veteran-Owned Business

We’ve served our country with great pride and honor and we’re committed to bringing the same dedication to your project.

Homeowners Like You Say…

What our customers say about our work is our most prized badge of honor. We’ll let their words speak for us so that you can make an informed decision about who you can work with on upgrading your backyard.

We had Clean Earth Waterscapes install a “water feature”. The experience was the most pleasant we have enjoyed in a long time. The result is exactly what we hoped for. Aaron and Sonny were two of the nicest, caring people we have ever had in our home. Creative and artistic is an understatement. They were willing to adapt the original design to meet our little requests and quirks, always with an attitude of “is this what you were thinking?” I HIGHLY recommend using Aaron and Clean Earth Waterscapes for this or any other service needed. You will not be disappointed!

Steve Shapiro


We have been very impressed with every aspect of Aaron’s work. He provided honest feedback on our ideas, gave us his ideas, and gave us timely responses.

He provided us with a computerized rendering of our project that helped us to visualize it in your yard before they dug anything.

Other than being impressed with his professional expertise, he is also a very good proactive communicator and is on time. Our project was completed in less time than was estimated, and we felt it was a good value for what was done.

We are very happy with the final product, and the stress-free process! We highly recommend him!

Caryn Collier


Clean Earth Landscape did a fantastic job installing a water feature in my backyard. Aaron and his crew listened to all my ideas and worked hard to give me exactly what I dreamed of. The sound is so calming. They created an oasis!

Jane Chladny


Let’s Bring Your Project To Life

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your new water feature. Use the form below and send us some pictures as well, so we can better understand your vision and your needs. Together we can unlock the hidden potential of your backyard and provide you with the sanctuary that you deserve.
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