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Clarksville Swimming Pond

This Clarksville homeowner regretfully bought one of those plastic insert ponds you see at Home Depot. He took two shovel scoops out of the hard compacted Tennessee clay and decided it was time to put his DIY dreams on hold and call the professionals. He dreamed of a recreational pond where he and his small children could relax and cool off in the summertime while enjoying the sound of a water flowing year-round. We spoke at length and settled on a 4-foot-deep swim pond with a 10 ft stream and a lively sounding waterfall.

Franklin Koi Pond

Recent transplants from Arizona, these Franklin homeowners are nearing retirement age. Their vision was to create an inviting space for their visiting friends and family, especially their traditional Thanksgiving celebration! They wanted to wow their guests with a koi pond and impressive waterfall with bold sounds and dramatic rocks. To complete the look and round out the entertainment space, they wanted a very large patio crafted with all natural slabs of flagstone. They could not be more pleased with their results (and neither are we!)

Hendersonville pond & pergola

These Hendersonville homeowners recently moved to Middle Tennessee. They wanted a completely designed backyard with a cohesive plan. We completed a three-dimensional model of the space so they could envision what it would look like during daylight, nighttime, as well as see the landscape from different angles such as from each bedroom window. After finalizing the design, we installed a kidney shaped, medium koi pond, patio, privacy fence, driveway extension, and large pergola. Now the family can enjoy their backyard all year in privacy and shade from the sun on those blistering Nashville summer days and nights. They also love gardening, so they opted to have us provide some guidance and plant selection. They completed the installation themselves as a family project.

Clarksville backyard pond

This project began as a backyard transformation on a DIY budget. After an arduous, DIY attempt, the Clarksville homeowners realized they needed to hire some professionals. We are so happy that they gave us a call! They already had the hole mostly dug but knew the finishing touches were the ones that matter the most. We artistically reshaped the pond, excavated slightly, and then took over with the installation of all the Aquascape components, liner, and most importantly, the rock placement. After adding the waterfall, the result was the backyard they had dreamed of!

Rutherford swimming pond

These Rutherford homeowners reached out to us to build a recreational pond for the whole family to enjoy during the hot Tennessee summers. While they love the idea of a swimming pool, they just seem stagnant and boring. A natural pond with a waterfall and toe-nibbling koi would be way more fun! They could not be more pleased to create lasting memories with multiple generations in their new pond. This pond is unique, in that it has two sets of steps, leading into and out of the pond. It also has destination stones and massive boulders which you can jump off into the 4-foot-deep pond area. The husband is a graphic designer, so he wanted to add a bit of aesthetic interest to the look of the pond. To achieve this, we added the beautiful spillway bowl and a set of flagstone steppers around the pond and up to the waterfall, so the little grandchildren have a place to explore and engage with nature during their visits.

gallatin pond & pergola

mt. juliet front waterscape

This is Mount Juliet project is personal, it’s ours! We live on multiple layers of slate that lie just 8 inches under the grass level. We were excited to experiment with different methods of breaking and separating rock to create water basins. Since we wanted to install a pondless stream that was 15 feet long, we tried different chemical expansion techniques to try to separate the stone layers as well as employing multiple tools. We love how the stream accentuates our front entrance and how we can both see and hear it from our dining room table.

Nashville pondless

Nashville homeowners, Steve and Nancy, love vacationing at the beach, but during COVID-19, they were hesitant to travel to a waterfront location. Their dream was to transform their backyard into a calming oasis that would remind them of waterfront vacations. They realized they would be spending the same amount of money on a permanent water feature that they can enjoy daily as they would on a single trip to the beach vacation. It was a no-brainer! We are so happy to have made their staycation dreams come true for years to come!

nolensville waterfall & stream

This Nolensville family wanted to completely makeover their outdoor living space. They shopped around quite a while before landomg on the perfect company, Clean Earth Waterscapes, to build their dream waterfall. We collaborated and designed an impressive 22 foot waterfall with a long babbling brook. Some unique features of this beautiful waterfall and stream are a large “sitting” boulder and dramatic striated stone shipped in from Missouri.

spring hill small pondless

As a newly seasoned realtor, this Spring Hill homeowner wanted to reward herself and improve her home’s value with a water feature after her first sale. She had always desired the relaxing sounds of running water near her patio and screened-in porch and now the time to realize her backyard dreams! After getting to know her and hearing about her needs and wants we designed a small pondless waterfall. The ease of maintenance with her newly busy schedule is a great fit!

mt. Juliet small pondless

Our Mount Juliet clients, wanted to have an inviting outdoor space where they could spend quality time with friends and family. They recently had a patio and outdoor kitchen built, but it needed some life! We worked together to create a place to unwind and connect with each other. They now have a place to enjoy coffee in the mornings and have date nights with other couples in the evenings. It’s also a great place to connect with nature!