Enhance The Beauty

of your waterspace

with additions that add life



The addition of a lighting package can really enhance the beauty of your water feature! Our LED garden and pond lighting fixtures from Aquascape feature die-cast metal housing that is finished with a coating that is durable enough to hold up to all sorts of weather conditions and can be fully submersed in water.

Bring your outdoor living space to life at night!

Whether you choose to illuminate your pond, pondless waterfall or fountain with elegant warm white LED lights, or color changing LED lights, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature after the sun goes down!


Adding aquatic plants to your pondless waterfall or pond is vital to helping your pond maintain a balanced ecosystem. Plants provide a natural water filtration leading to better water clarity and algae control. They also produce dissolved oxygen, provide shade and shelter for the wildlife that is drawn to your water feature!

Enhance your Pondless Waterfall or Pond!

water quality

ion gen


Fight string algae on rocks and in stream beds without the use of chemicals with the addition of and electronic clarifier – IonGen.  It can be added to your existing plumbing or added as part of the installation of a new pond.

Reduce pond maintenance & keep your water crystal clear!

Auto doser


Maintain optimum water quality with this easy to use, dependable and quite Automatic Dosing System.  The Auto Doser is available for ponds, fountains and pondless waterfalls.

Take the guesswork out of water treatments! 

*All pricing is subject to 9.1% sales tax. Prices are averages and may change depending on the size and state of your pond as well as any hidden issues that are identified during our service visit. You’ll receive an exact quote after the in-house consultation.

Plant Package Pricing

plant package for small pondless waterfall

For Pondless Waterfalls 3 – 10” $714*

plant package for medium pondless waterfall

For Pondless Waterfalls 10 – 20” $769*

plant package for large pondless waterfall

For Pondless Waterfalls 20 – 40” $1044*

plant package for small ponds

For Ponds 8 – 10” $714*

plant package for medium ponds

For Ponds 11 – 16” $769*

plant package for large ponds

For Ponds 16 – 22” $1044*


One of the most rewarding features you can add to your outdoor living space is a water garden filled with beautiful fish. Imagine yourself relaxing beside your pond as you enjoy your own personal backyard oasis!

Let your cares slip away as you listen to running water and watch your fish swim!

Fish Pricing

x-small pond fish package


small pond fish package


medium pond fish package


large pond fish package


x-large pond fish package


* Several payment options are available for our maintenance package members.